Owning A Small Business During a Pandemic

June 29, 2020 2 min read

owning a small business during a pandemicCoronavirus. CV-19. Pandemic.

These small words have brought a lot of fear, confusion, and the unknown as we enter July. The beginning of this year wasn't a picnic. A virus that originated in Asia late 2019  made its way to our shores beginning of 2020 (some believe much earlier) and has caused a lot of changes and new regulations. 

One of those changes would be how small businesses run and operate. I can say that it's been difficult staying afloat as my clients have also been affected. The snowball is real. Clients cant get new customers thus the damage done to their businesses is felt with mine. 

I've applied for paycheck protections and grants - loans aren't something I'd like to follow me once this is over. 

So what's my "new normal?" I have a hand sanitizer at my desk and at random locations throughout my home. I also have some in my purse so I always have access. I have a mask I keep in my car so I have it at all times - some places are stricter when it comes to mandatory mask-wearing. Granted, I prefer to wear it. It doesn't bother me. I know I'm saving someone by doing my part. Both of my parents are disabled and considered high risk so I feel I'm doing something a little extra to protect them. 

My husband has been working from home since March. His original return date was the end of June. It got pushed back to the end of July and as of today, has been pushed back to after Labor Day. I'm not going to lie - I enjoy him being home. I'm not sure he can say the same. Haha.

In this downtime, I've been working on updating my Etsy and adding some new face masks to my listings. Also, daily Backstreet Boy concerts aren't too bad. 

I honestly don't consider myself a blogger so this has been an experience. Maybe I'll keep up with it - who knows. 

Owning a small business during a pandemic